If you want to create an event that is only open to a special group of people, you can create a password (at least 4 characters) for your event page. When your event is private, it will not be searchable on Peatix but you will still be able to access the event page with your organizer account. 

Other than the organizer, only users with the password can view your event. When you are sharing your private event page, please share the event page URL together with the password you set for the event.

How to set a password for your event

1.  Click the Edit button of your event to access the Edit event page.

2. Go to "Event Access" and click "Create password". 

3. Create a password with at least 4 characters, and click "Save".

※ When you remove the password by clicking the garbage bin icon, the event will be changed back to Public event, and the event page can be accessed without URL. So if you want to open your event to a special group of people before public release, you might find this feature useful. 

However, please note that, when an event is published as a private event, group followers will not receive notification emails that you have published a new event.

If you forgot your event password

In case you forgot your event password, please click the pencil button to view your password.