*Peatix Live is currently a limited service and is only available to organizers hosting paid events in Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. If you cannot find "Peatix Live" as a streaming method option on your event creation > online setting page, please click here and contact us.

The replay for an event will automatically be processed after the end of the live broadcast. By enabling the event replay function, you can make the replay available to attendees (i.e., attendees will be able to watch the replay on the Watch Stream page).

The event replay period is up to 7 days from the event's end date and time. 

Please note that tickets for an event can be sold up to 24 hours after the end of the event. Please keep this in mind when using the event replay function.

For more information on event replays, please see How to use the event replay function on Peatix Live.

* You cannot download the archived recordings of events.

* You cannot upload the data for recorded content onto Peatix and make it available as the replay.

* Please note that it may take some time for the event replay to be processed after the end of the live broadcast.