On the day of the event, you'll probably need more than one person scanning QR code tickets at the door. That's why we built an Assistant Mode into our app. With the Assistant Mode, you can scan QR Codes and check in attendees from multiple smartphones.

You must download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on each device that will use the Assistant Mode.

To use the Assistant Mode, please first issue the Assistant mode QR code from the organizer account. This Assistant mode QR code can then be used to activate the assistant mode QR scanning on the other devices.

Issue the Assistant Mode QR code (from organizer account)

<Important notice>

The assistant mode QR code will be valid for 24 hours after being issued. Within those 24 hours, you can use the QR code any number of times. After 24 hours the session will expire, and the QR code will be updated. If your event will last for several days, or if more than 24 hours have passed since you first accessed the assistant mode QR code, please log into your organizer again and use the newly updated assistant mode QR code to re-activate the assistant devices.

Publish from the app

1. Open the app, and log in with your organizer account (the account used to create the event).

2. Tap your event.

3. Select "Add a Check-in Assistant."

4. The Assistant QR code will be displayed on the screen.

Publish from browser

1. On the event management page, click on the "Check-in" tab, then click on the "QR Code for assistants" that appears when you scroll down the screen.

2. The QR code for assistants will appear.

Enter Assistant Mode (from phone check-in assistant)

1.Open the Peatix Organizer app with the other smartphone(s) you want to use to check in tickets, and tap "Help Check-in Attendees" at the bottom of the screen.

*For iOS app, click "Scan event QR code"

2. The camera will appear and launch scanning mode. Scan the QR Code from the organizers account. After the QR code is scanned, you can immediately start scanning tickets of the event attendees.