Peatix offers an easy-to-use, paperless ticket service. After tickets are purchased, they are saved in the Peatix app (can be downloaded for free). On the day of the event, attendees will only need to bring their smartphones and show their tickets on the Peatix app.

Attendees who do not have a smartphone or cannot download the app may access their ticket on the Peatix website. They can print out their web ticket and bring the printout with them to the event.

Ways to check in attendees

Peatix offers several ways to check in attendees:

You can choose any check-in method (or combination of methods) that best fits your event or your venue. 

For online events, check this help page: Do I need to check in attendees for an online event?

If you are planning to use QR code or tap check-in, we recommend that you bring a PC or a printout of your list of attendees to the event as a back-up way of checking in attendees. It is possible that some attendees may arrive without the Peatix app or forget to bring their ticket, or there is something wrong with the Internet connection at the venue and QR codes are not displayed.


Please note that the payout amount will not be affected by the check-in method (likewise for online events).

QR Code Check-in

With this check-in method, you can simply check in attendees by scanning the QR code on their ticket. Attendees can access their ticket on a smartphone, or print out a paper ticket. This method is perfect for events with multiple ticket types, or events with attendees who do not own a smartphone or cannot download the Peatix app. To scan the QR code tickets, please install Peatix Organizer (iPhone) or Peatix Scan (Android) on your smartphone and use this app to check in attendees. 


In case you will have multiple people checking in attendees to your event, the reception staff can use the Assistant Mode to check in attendees. With the Assistant Mode, you can have multiple people scanning QR code tickets without the need to share log-in details of your organizer account. 


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Tap Check-in

You may simply check in your attendees by tapping on their tickets through the “Tap Check-In” button on their Peatix app. No special device is required.

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Name Search Check-in

Aside from QR codes, Peatix tickets include a variety of information such as attendee names and ticket IDs. You can use your computer to search the attendee list on the Peatix website and manually check in attendees by using these information. This method is suited for events with a relatively small number of attendees.

If you have forgotten to check in attendees on the day of the event, you may also use this method to check in attendees up until 24 hours after the event has finished.

* An internet connection is required. 

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Paper Check-in

If an internet connection is unavailable at your event, you can download and print your list of attendees for check-ins. This method is suited for events that are held at venues without an Internet connection or those with a relatively small number of attendees.

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