1. Click "Subscription Plans" at the top of the group page, and select "Subscription Plans" again from the pull-down menu. 

2. Click the "Cancel" button for the subscription plan you wish to cancel. 

3. Notify the active members that you are suspending their subscription plan and canceling their membership. 

4. After contacting the member, please send us the information of the member you wish to cancel using Send us a message.

Member information can be obtained in CSV format. For more information on how to retrieve the information, please refer to How can I manage paid members of my group?

We will cancel the member's membership. Please note that without this process, you will not be able to stop billing existing members.

<Important notice>

If the billing date comes before the cancellation, the member will be billed automatically.

Please provide us with information on members who need to cancel at least 5 business days prior to the next billing date if possible.