Peatix offers several ways to check-in attendees. Please see the following video for more details:

Peatix Check-in from on Vimeo.

You can choose any check-in method (or combination of methods) that best fits your event or your venue. The payout amount will not be affected by the check-in method.

As some attendees will arrive without the Peatix app or will have forgotten to bring their ticket, we recommend to prepare a back-up check-in method (paper check-in or name search check-in) if you are planning to use Tap or QR-code check-in. 


Tap Check-in

The fastest and simplest way to check-in your attendees. Simply check-in your attendees by tapping on their tickets through their Peatix app.

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QR-code Check-in

With this check-in method, you can simply check in attendees by scanning the QR code on their ticket. Attendees can access their ticket on a mobile phone, or print out a paper ticket. To scan the QR-code tickets, please install Peatix Organizer (iPhone) or Peatix Scan (Android) on your smartphone and use this app to check in attendees. In case you will have multiple persons checking in attendees to your event, the reception staff can use the assistant mode to check-in attendees. With the assistant mode, you can have multiple people scanning QR-tickets without the need to share to login details of your organizers account. 

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Paper Check-in

If an internet connection is unavailable at your event, you can download and print your list of attendees for check-ins. 

TIP: We recommend to bring a print out of the attendee list as a back-up.

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Name Search Check-in

You can search the attendee list on the Peatix website or in the Peatix app and manually check-in attendees.

* To use the search function to check-in attendees, an internet connection is required. 


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* Attendees can be checked in up until 24 hours after the event has finished.