It is possible to download a list of attendees in a CSV file.

* The email addresses of the attendees are not included in the CSV file. If you want to collect the email addresses of attendees, please set a form questionnaire to your event.


How to download the attendee list

1. Click the "Attendees" button. 

2. From the [Attendees] tab click [Attendee List CSV].

Open the downloaded list in Excel or other application. 

Hint: If you will use the Attendee list to check in the attendees at the event, we recommend to sort the list alphabetically and prepare a print out of the attendee list.

The Attendee list includes the following fields: 

1) Sales ID, 2) Attendee name, 3) Account name, 4)Order date, 5) Ticket name, 6) Ticket quantity, 7) Ticket ID and 8) Status, 9) Used discount code.

After an order is completed, the order will get the status "Attending". If the ticket buyer uses our "Transfer" function to send a ticket to a friend, the ticket status will become "Invited", until the friend has claimed the ticket to his/her own account.

After the event, the status will become "Checked in" (for all attendees who are checked in on Peatix) or "Skipped" (for all attendees who didn't attend or were not checked in).

If you have created Custom Form, information entered by the attendees will also be included in the CSV list.

Orders that have been cancelled are not included in CSV list.  

* For events in Japan only: orders were convenient store payment has expired, are not included in the CSV list.