How form feature works

The form feature allows you to obtain necessary information from attendees when they order tickets.

The only information provided from Peatix to the organizer is attendee's name (in Kana if Japanese name).

If you wish to obtain information other than the attendee's name (in Kana if Japanese name), such as email address, you will need to set up a form from the event edit page.

Once the form is set up, it will appear as a "survey" in the attendee's order pipeline after they select their tickets.

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Advantages of using forms

You can create questions in a form without using a third party survey service. 

Information obtained from attendees can be downloaded in CSV format from the Attendees page, along with order information.

Disadvantages of using forms

If the form has a large number of questions, it will take a while for the attendee to answer. 

This may cause attendees to leave the ticket order process.

Use cases of forms

【Revitalize the event / Increase satisfaction】

By setting up an open-ended question on the form, you can ask attendees what they would like to see or hear at the event, and reflect the results to your event content.

Form is inserted in the ticket order pipeline and is not possible to create a post-event survey.

If you want to collect feedback from attendees after the event, we recommend that you create a survey using third party form service such as Google Form and send it to them using the Peatix message feature.

【Utilize for marketing】

You can ask questions to determine the attribute of attendees, such as gender, age, occupation, etc.

You can also set up questions such as where they found out about the event.

If you want to distribute materials to attendees after the event, you can set up an email address field on the form to attach the materials and send them individually to the email address you have obtained.

*Files cannot be attached using the Peatix message feature.

【Issue receipts in accordance with the Invoice System (Japan only)】

For more information on the invoice system, please refer to "About the invoice system(in Japan)".

What you must do when obtaining personal information

Whenever the organizer obtains personal information from attendees through the form, the purpose of use must be disclosed in the form.

When obtaining personal information such as name, email address, address, telephone number, company name, title, etc. from attendees through the form, please set an item that discloses the purpose of use in the form as well.

Please refer to "Personal information obtained through the form feature" for details on how to set up the disclosure of purpose of use.

How to set a form for your event

1. When creating a new event, click "Create Form" on the Details page.

2. Click "Create a new form".

3. Edit the name of the form by clicking the pencil button.
* The form name will only be used in your organizer account and will not be visible to ticket buyers.

4. Depending on the information you are aiming to collect, select the field you wish to add from the "Add Field" section.

*There is no field item which enables file attachment.

*Keep the number of questions to a minimum and keep them short and concise. The more questions you ask, the higher the probability of withdrawal from order completion. 

5. You can customize your questions through the pencil button shown on the right side of each field.
  • Enter the question under "Label".
  • For radio button/dropdown type questions, enter the answer options under "Options". To add more answer options, click "+ Add an option".
  • If the question is mandatory, check the "Required" box.
  • If you wish to let the buyer freely enter their answer, choose the "text" or "text area" field. Click "+ Description" if you wish to add an explanation to the question.

* You can change the order of questions by dragging the arrow button on the left (up to 32 fields).

6. If you are finished editing your form, click "Save".

7. After the content of your form has been fixed, click "Enable Form".
* Please note that you will not be able to change the content of the form after clicking "Enable Form".

8. On the Details page, a checkmark will appear next to the name of the form you are using, along with the message "This form is activated for this event".

* If you wish to disable the form you are currently using and/or enable another form, click "Change Form".

* For information on how to edit a form after creating an event, check this help page: How can I edit a form? 

How to download data obtained via the form

The information obtained from attendees via the form will be included in the attendee list and can be downloaded in a CSV file.

All form data will be automatically deleted 30 days after the event has ended. If you need a copy of your event's form data, please download the attendee list before the data deletion date. For more information about downloading the attendee list, please see How to download the attendee list.

Please note that the Peatix support team will not be able to assist you with the following requests:

  • Providing the form data
  • Postponing the form data deletion date
  • Restoring the deleted form data
  • Preventing the form data of a certain event from getting deleted