To change the group name, group description, cover image, logo, video, etc., please access the group edit page.

1. Click on your account name in the upper right corner to access "My Groups / Events".

2. Click on "View group" for the group you wish to edit.

3. The group page opens. Click "Edit group profile".

4. Edit your group contents on the group edit page.

If you have not yet set a group URL, you can set the URL by clicking "Change" in the "Group URL" section. After setting a group URL, it is not possible to change or remove the URL. 

Please note that an underscore " _ ", slash " / ", and dot " . " cannot be used in your custom URL.

Acceptable formats for images are JPEG/PNG/GIF. Recommended sizes are as follows

*The following recommended sizes have been changed due to the redesign of the group page.

  • Cover image: 1440 x 360 / 1280 x 320 / 960 x 240px
  • Logo: 400 x 400px

Once you are done editing the group, click the "Save Group" button at the bottom of the page.