You can set the ticket cutoff for the event, or set the ticket sales period for each separate ticket.

Setting the ticket sales start / end time per ticket type

It is possible to schedule the ticket sales start / end time per ticket type. 

On the scheduled time, the ticket sales will automatically start / end. This scheduled ticket sales setting can be used if you are creating ticket types with different sales periods (e.g. Early Bird tickets). Before the ticket sales has started / after the ticket sales has ended, the sales start / end time will be shown on the event page.

How to set the ticket sales start / end time per ticket type:

1. Click the Settings button for the ticket you wish to edit the sales start / end time.

2. Click Change for the Start and/or End time

3. Set the date and time you wish to start / end the ticket sales.

Please note:  

- The sales may start / end up to 10 minutes before or after the scheduled time. If you wish to avoid a time difference, please create the ticket when you wish to start the ticket sales or adjust the number of available tickets when you wish to close the ticket sales. 

- The scheduled ticket sales start time cannot be edited after the event is published. Also, after the event is published, you cannot create a new ticket type with a scheduled ticket sales start time. 

- If you set both a ticket sales end time for a ticket type, and a ticket sales deadline for the event, the sales will end on the scheduled ticket sales end time for the ticket type. 


Setting the ticket sales deadline for the event

If you wish to stop ticket sales for all ticket types, you can edit the sales end date for the event. By default, the sales end date is the start time of the event, but the sales cutoff can be stopped earlier or can be extended up to 24 hours after the end of your event. 

How to edit the ticket sales deadline for the event:

1. Under Advanced settings, locate Stop all ticket sales and select the Change button.

2. Enter your desired date and time to stop all ticket sales for your event.


Example of a ticket sales schedule

Early Bird ticket sales period: ~ February 20

Regular ticket sales period: February 21 ~ March 10

Event date: March 11


On the event page: