With the form feature, you can create a custom questionnaire for your attendees to answer.

If you do not set a form, you will not be able to check any personal information from the attendee apart from the attendee name. If you require email address, address and/or telephone number, please set a form to your event.
  • The form serves as a questionnaire to gather information from attendees.
  • You can customize the form.
  • The form questions will be inserted into the ticket buying checkout process.
  • You can download the form data entered by your attendees in a CSV file.
All organizers must act responsibly in the handling of personal information obtained through the form feature. In addition, organizers shall only use attendee email address for the purpose of managing attendees for their event. In case organizers wish to use attendee email address beyond the purpose of managing attendees for their event (i.e., for their other events or for promoting sales of their businesses), they will need to obtain a prior consent from each attendee. Organizers must disclose the purpose of use of personal information and their own policies for managing personal information (e.g., a link to their company's terms of service) by inserting a checkbox field in the form and ask the attendees to tick the "Agree" checkbox to indicate that they give consent to have their email address used. It is also okay to include the policies for managing personal information in the event descriptions section.

How to set a form for your event

1. From the event Details page, click "Create Form".

2. Click "Create a new form" to add a new form.

3. You can edit the name of the form with the pencil button.
The form name will not be shown to the ticket buyers and will only be used in your organizers account.

4. Depending on the information you wish to collect, you can add different type of questions.
Add questions through the "Add Field" section.

5. You can customize your questions through the pencil button.
- Enter the question under "Label".
- For radio-button / drop-down type questions, enter the answer options under "Options". To add more answer options, please "+ Add an option".
- If the question is mandatory, please check the "Required" box.

If you wish to let the buyer freely enter their answer, please choose the "text" or "text area" field. Click "+ Description" if you wish to add an explanation to the question.

6. You can order the questions by dragging the arrow button on the right side of the questions.
* You can change the order of up to 32 questions. 

7. If you are finished editing your form, click "Save" to save your form.

8. After the content of your form has been fixed, click "Enable Form". Please save your event from the event Details page to complete setting the form to your event.

How to download the form entrees

When attendees have filled in the form when purchasing tickets, you can download the data in a CSV file. In this attendee list, both the form data and the order data is included.

For more information about downloading the attendee list, please see How to download the attendee list.