Free features

Creating Group (Community) PageAttendees who become your group followers are more likely to join your event again. All public events created under the Group will be displayed on the Group page.Example
Managing Group (Community) PageYou can send messages to your followers.More information
Creating Event PageYou can easily create an event page under your Group within 5 minutes.
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Online EventsBy setting the event venue to online-only, a Watch Stream page is generated for you to share the stream and event instructions with the attendees. You can add your online viewing URL for the stream to be embedded (Vimeo/Youtube) or accessed through a link-out button that directs users to your streaming site.More information
Creating Various Ticket TypesYou can create free or paid ticket types and change the available ticket quantities at any time. For paid tickets, please see Premium feature for more information. You can also choose not to create tickets for your event page.

Creating pre-event survey formsYou can collect attendees information before the event.More information
Promoting eventYour event will appear on Peatix search results and email newsletters for participants who have attended similar events on Peatix. (For events in Japan, Singapore or Malaysia only)
WidgetsYou can create a ticketing widget on your organisation's homepage or blog.
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Managing Your AttendeesYou can check real-time ticket sales,  send message to attendees in the Sales List (individually or all at once), and cancel tickets based on your refund policy. Refunds will be initiated automatically by Peatix's payment gateway. You can also download the Attendee List (survey forms answers included) in CSV format.More information
Understanding Event's TrafficYou can check the pageview stats and the referrer domains.More information
Issuing e-Tickets and Managing check-ins
You can use app, computer or print out the attendee list on paper on the day of event for check-in. e-Tickets are issued to attendees for free.More information
Peatix Token GatingOrganizers can grant non-fungible token (NFT) holders exclusive access to free events.More information

Premium features 

Collecting ticket payment before event
Attendees can make ticket payment through debit or credit card payments or convenience store/ATM (Japan only). Peatix will collect the ticket payments and makes the payout (minus ticketing fee) to you after event ended.
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Event Boost
You can boost your events' visibility to sell more tickets with us.
Boost Singapore
Boost Malaysia
Peatix LiveYou can complete the entire process from announcement to streaming of online events.
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Selection feature
※ This feature is currently not available.
By setting up a ticket application period, you can select who can attend your event from the applicant pool based on applicants' information provided in the survey form. Selected applicant chosen by you will be able to get a ticket to your event. Suitable for events that do not support first-come-first-serve ticket orders or organizers who want to filter the attendees.
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Subscription plansYou can charge the group followers on monthly or annual basis.More information