Subscription is a feature that enables organizers to collect money regularly. You can create membership plans for monthly or annual subscription periods for the members of your group, and you can also choose to add a registration fee. Unless the subscriber cancels his or her plan, the subscription is automatically renewed.


How to create a subscription plan

From the group page, please click "Subscriptions" and Select "Plans" to start creating your membership plan.



1.Create a plan 

Click "Create Subscription Plans" to start creating your first subscription plan.


To create your plan, please fill in the name of the plan, the subscription fee, and the registration fee (optional), select the membership period, and add a description of the plan. When you have entered all details, please click "Continue" to advance to the next step.

* There are four options to choose from for the subscription fee payment cycle:

  • Annual (from date subscribed): Valid for one year from the date subscribed
  • Monthly (from date subscribed): Valid for one month from the date subscribed
  • Annual (end of year): Valid until the end of the year
  • Monthly (end of year): Valid until the end of the month

* You can create multiple membership plans for your group.


2.Create a form 

With the form feature, you can create a custom questionnaire for your members to answer.

The form is fully customizable, meaning that you can create any survey form or questionnaire to your liking. Users will fill out the form when they join your membership plan.

You can download the form data entered by your members anytime in an Excel CSV spreadsheet.

To create a form, please first enter a name for your form (the name of the form is not public). 

Click on the "Add Field" button to add questions to your questionnaire. When you have created your form, please click "Continue" to advance to the next step.


3.Terms of Service 

Please enter the Terms of Service of your subscription plan.

We have also prepared a sample template that you can easily customize for your plan.


4.Start the plan

When you have finished the above three steps, you are ready to start your plan. Click "Enable" to open the subscription plan. The plan will be shown on your group page, and users can become a member of your group.