It is possible to create discount codes for your event. 

By creating a discount code, you can set a discount for a specific ticket. For example, create a $5 discount code for a $15 ticket, so that ticket buyers who have the discount code can buy the ticket for $10.


 How to create discount codes for your event

1. Click the setting button for the ticket for which you wish to create the discount code. 

2. Click " + Add Discount Code".

3. Enter the new ticket price and the discount code.

For example, if you want to sell a $25 dollar ticket for $20 ($5 discount), you need to enter $20.

* After you have created a discount code, you cannot change the discount code, but you can delete the discount code (only if the code hasn't been used yet). To delete the discount code, please click on the garbage bin button next to the discount code.