Deleting an event

If the event is not yet published

Events that are in draft status (i.e., not yet published) can be deleted from the Edit event page.

1. Click on your account name in the upper right corner to access "My Groups / Events".

2. Click the pencil button located under the name of the event you wish to delete.

3. The Edit event page opens. Click "More" in the upper right corner and select "Delete Event".

4. A message will appear. Click "OK".

If the event is already published

Events cannot be deleted after they are published.

  • If you do not want a finished event page to be publicly accessible
    Please change your event privacy setting to "Password-protected". When your event is password-protected, you will still be able to access the event page with your organizer account, but the event will not be shown on your group page and will not be discoverable on Peatix Search as well as on Google and other search engines. For information on how to change your event privacy setting, please see How can I manage my event privacy setting?

  • If you will not be hosting the event
    Please cancel the event by following the procedure described on this help page: Can I cancel my event?

Deleting a group

As a general rule, you will not be able to delete your group. If you are not using the group anymore (e.g. created by mistake or for testing purposes), you can simply rename the group to “Group” then remove the cover image and edit the group descriptions.


Check this help page for more details: How to edit a group.


If you wish to delete your account, please see Can I delete (cancel) my account?