There are three event privacy settings:

- Password-protected : Your event can only be accessed by those with the event URL and password. Your event will not be displayed in Peatix search results and your Group page.

- Unlisted : Your event can only be accessed by those with the event URL. Your event will not be included in Peatix search results and your Group page.

- Public : Your event can be accessed by anyone and discoverable on Peatix.

If your event is not public and you would like to share your event page, please share the event URL and password (if any) with your attendees.

If you no longer wish to share your event with your attendees, please set the event to password-protected or change your event password if your event is already password-protected. After that, only you will still be able to access the event page with your organizer account.

How to manage event privacy settings

1.  Click the Edit button of your event to access the Edit event page.

2. Go to "Event Privacy Setting" and click "Change setting". By default, your event is Public. Change your event to password-protected and enter password (at least 4 characters) or select unlisted, then click Save.

Please note that, when an event is published as a password-protected or unlisted event, group followers will not receive notification emails that you have published a new event.

If you forgot your event password

In case you forgot your event password, please revisit your Event Privacy Setting and click Change setting to view your password. You can also change your password here, then click Save.