Peatix does not have an automated waiting list feature that supports users who are waiting for available tickets when an event is full. However, there is a workaround to set up a waiting list for your attendees:

1. After all the tickets are sold out, create a free ticket type named "waiting list".

2. When a ticket is cancelled and becomes available, reach out to the user who has ordered the "waiting list" ticket and inform the user that there is an available ticket.

You can stop here if your event is a free event or you allow the selected attendee to make on-site payment on the day of the event.

If you want the attendee to make payment through Peatix, you can take extra steps as below: 

3. Create a new event page exclusively for users who are on waiting list and set a password to make the event private

4. Provide your event password and direct the waiting-list user to access the dedicated event page and purchase a ticket. 

※ In this case, the event will be divided into two events, so please ensure that all attendees from both events are eligible to join your event.

For events in Japan, the payout process is initiated on a per-event basis so a payout fee 210 JPY will be charged separately for both events.