Peatix does not have an automated waiting list feature that supports users who are waiting for available tickets when an event is full. However, there is a workaround to set up a waiting list for your attendees.

Free events (or events that allow attendees to pay at the door)

1. After all the tickets are sold out, create a free ticket type named "Waiting list" and accept orders from users who want to be on the waiting list.

2. When a ticket is cancelled and becomes available, look through the list of users who have ordered the "Waiting list" ticket and select who will actually be able to attend the event. Contact them via our message feature.

* If you cancel a ticket after the ticket has sold out, you will have to manually re-open the tickets sales in order to make the ticket available for purchase again.

Paid events (if you want attendees to make payment through Peatix)

In addition to the above, please carry out the steps described below.

3. Create a new event page exclusively for users who are on the waiting list and set the event as "Unlisted" or "Password-protected". For how to change the event privacy settings, please see How can I manage my event privacy setting?

4. Inform the users who will actually be able to attend the event to access the dedicated event page and purchase a Peatix ticket. If your event is unlisted, be sure to provide your event URL; if your event is password-protected, remember to provide your event URL and password. 

※ Please note that there will be two events. Make sure that all attendees from both events are eligible to join your event.

For events in Japan, the payout process is initiated on a per-event basis. Please note that the payout fee (210 JPY) will be charged separately for both events.

Order confirmation emails and event reminder emails

Peatix sends an order confirmation email and event reminder email to the registered email address of a user when they order a ticket. These emails are sent automatically from our system and cannot be stopped. Those who have ordered the free "Waiting list" ticket will thus receive these emails, but that does not mean they will be able to attend the event. We ask that you inform them of this.

Please also tell users on the waiting list that they will receive messages from the event organizer if a ticket becomes available and they will be able to attend the event.