Our service is transparent and cost-friendly, with no hidden fees. We will charge a ticketing fee only for the sale of paid tickets.


  • No fees for events with only free tickets
  • No service, registration, or monthly fees
  • Inclusive of all payment processing fees (e.g., credit card processing fees)
  • Ticket buyers will only pay the ticket price and will not be charged any booking fees


For organizers in Japan, Singapore and Malaysia: For online events that use Peatix Live, a secured live-streaming solution designed for event organizers to create paid live experiences, we charge an additional Peatix Live fee on top of the standard ticketing fee. Please see Peatix Live Pricing for more information. 


The pricing differs per country. Please see the following table for the fee in your country:


CountryTicket / Payout currencyTicketing fee
IndiaUSD4.9% + 1.50 USD / ticket
IndonesiaUSD4.9% + 1.50 USD / ticket
JapanJPY4.9% + 99 JPY / ticket
Hong KongHKD4.9% + 6.99 HKD / ticket
PhilippinesPHP4.9% + 50.00 PHP / ticket
South KoreaUSD4.9% + 1.50 USD / ticket
Sri LankaUSD4.9% + 1.50 USD / ticket
TaiwanTWD4.9% + 35.00 TWD / ticket
ThailandTHB4.9% + 35.00 THB / ticket
VietnamUSD4.9% + 1.50 USD / ticket

North America

CountryTicket / Payout currencyTicketing fee
CanadaCAD4.9% + 0.99 CAD / ticket
United StatesUSD4.9% + 0.99 USD / ticket


CountryTicket / Payout currencyTicketing fee
AustriaEUR4.9% + 0.99 EUR / ticket
BelgiumEUR4.9% + 0.99 EUR / ticket
FranceEUR4.9% + 0.99 EUR / ticket
GermanyEUR4.9% + 0.99 EUR / ticket
IrelandEUR4.9% + 0.99 EUR / ticket
ItalyEUR4.9% + 0.99 EUR / ticket
LuxembourgEUR4.9% + 0.99 EUR / ticket
NetherlandsEUR4.9% + 0.99 EUR / ticket
SpainEUR4.9% + 0.99 EUR / ticket
United KingdomGBP4.9% + 0.99 GBP / ticket

Australia & Oceania

CountryTicket / Payout currencyTicketing fee
AustraliaAUD4.9% + 0.79 AUD / ticket
New ZealandNZD4.9% + 1.50 NZD / ticket


Note: Peatix supports events in China with free tickets only.

Important points to note:

  • For how to receive the ticket sales for your event, check this help page: How to receive the ticket sales for your event
  • If you have both paid and free tickets for your event, the ticketing fee will only be charged over paid orders.
  • If a paid ticket becomes free with the use of a discount code, there is no ticketing fee.
  • When cancelling your event, there can be a cancellation fee. Please see Can I cancel my event? for details.
  • For organizers in Japan, there is a transfer fee of 210 JPY per payout.
  • For organizers in Japan, ticketing fees and transfer fees, are not subject to taxation due to the fact that these fees are related to payment processing services provided by Peatix Inc., based in the United States. Therefore, no consumption tax is applicable between Peatix and the organizers.