When creating an event page for an online event, please click "Set event as online-only". This will automatically set the venue to "Online event", and enable the Watch Stream page to share the online viewing URL with the attendees.

  From the Details page, you can register the Streaming URL for your online event. The streaming URL will be shown on the Watch Stream page. You can select from 2 streaming methods: Link out (an URL to any streaming platform), or Embed (currently only available to YouTube). Users who didn't purchase tickets will not be able to view the URLs.

Link out

When selecting Link out, please enter the streaming URL. Attendees will be directed to this URL to join the event.

Example from Watch Stream page:


When selecting Embed, please enter the YouTube streaming URL. This will embed your YouTube live stream and live chat (if available) on the Watch Stream page.

Example from Watch Stream page:

You will also be able to register additional notes for the streaming. You can use this to share any information to the attendees. For example, when the online screening will start, passwords for the streaming, etc. These notes will be included on the Watch Stream page can only be seen by attendees of the event. Users who didn't purchase tickets will not be able to view these notes.

* You can add/edit the streaming URL or notes at any time. If you haven't created the streaming URL yet when you publish the event page, you will be able to add the URL later through the Edit event page. In that case, we would recommend to add the time you're planning to register the streaming URL in the notes. 

* For more information regarding the compliance of content streamed for commercial purposes, as well as other details, please refer to the Terms of Service of the streaming platform selected.

Joining the event

Only users who ordered tickets will gain access to the Watch Stream page for the event. From the Watch Stream page attendees will be able to access the Streaming URL or view the embedded stream, as well as read the notes for the stream. Users will need to login to the account they used to order their tickets to access the Watch Stream page. Users who didn't order tickets, cannot access the Watch Stream page.

For more information on how attendees can join the online event, please refer to the help page for attendees:

How to join an online event