After you have published your event you will be asked to tag search categories to your event. 

First, choose 1 main category for your event. Main categories are designed like genre verticals which allow attendees to search for your event by a broad description. So be sure to choose the category most applicable and relevant to your event so attendees can easily find what they are looking for!  

Once you are done with picking the main category, you can select up to 5 topics for your event. Topics are more-specific recommendation tags that help attendees discover other types of similar events they may be interested in.

If you choose not to set the search tags to your event directly after publishing the event page, you can later add the tags through the Edit Event page.

After you have published and tagged your event, our team will review the event page before the event appears on Peatix Search. If you have published your event and saved the tags, but your event isn't shown in the search results, please check again in a few days.