When you click the “Tag & Publish” button on the Event Preview page upon creating an event, a page opens that lets you tag your event.


By tagging your event, you can inform people what your event is about and promote it to those who may become interested in it through Peatix recommendation emails and Peatix Search. 


* Please note that you can only tag your event if it is hosted in Japan, Singapore or Malaysia. If your event is held outside of these countries, you will not be able to add search tags to your event.


*If your event is unlisted or password-protected, it will not appear in recommendation emails or on Peatix Search.

First, choose one main category that is most applicable and relevant to your event. Main categories are like genres.

Once you have chosen the main category, click “Next: Choose Topics” located near the bottom of the page.

Next, select up to five topics that best describe your event. Topics are more specific recommendation tags that help attendees discover similar events they may become interested in.

Once you have chosen the topics, click “Save & Publish” located near the bottom of the page.

You have finished tagging your event if the “Your event has been published!” page opens.

You can add topics to your event after publishing your event page. Check this help page for details: Can I edit the tags for my event?


After you have tagged and published your event, Peatix will review your event page. Therefore, your event will not immediately appear on Peatix Search. If you have tagged and published your event but it does not show up in the search results, please check again in a few days.


Your event will not be discoverable on Peatix Search until Peatix completes the review and your event is approved, but your tickets will go on sale immediately after the event is published (or on the scheduled ticket sales start time). Users will be able to order tickets if you share the event URL with them individually.