If you forget your password when signing in with your email address, you can log in by getting a sign in code.

How to get a sign in code

1. On the sign in screen, enter your email address registered with Peatix and click "Next".

*If you are using the Peatix app, please select "Continue with Email" and tap "Continue" after entering your email address.

2. Click "Email me a sign in code".

3. You will see a screen that says, "We sent a sign in code to to (registered email address)". Check your email inbox.

*The validity period of the sign in code is 15 minutes. Please check your email as soon as possible after the sign in code is issued.

4. You will receive an email titled "6-digit number + Your Peatix Sign-in code".

The 6-digit number written in the subject line and body of the email is the sign in code you need to sign in with.

*If you have linked an external service account, the name of the linked external service account will be displayed below the sign in code.

5. Return to the screen in 3 and click "Continue" after entering the sign in code you obtained.

Your login will be completed.

<Important notice>

*If you have not received an email, it may have been sent to your spam folder.

*If the expiration date of the sign in code has passed, please click "Resend Code" to obtain a new sign in code.

*If you receive an error message "The sign in code you entered is incorrect. Please try again. is displayed, a new code different from the one you entered may have been issued because you pressed "Email me a sign in code" more than once. Please check your email inbox and use the latest sign in code.

*If you enter the wrong sign in code more than once, your account will be temporarily locked. Please wait a few moments, issue a new sign in code, and sign in again.

*If you would like to reset your password, please refer to "How to reset your password".