The fastest and simplest way to check-in your attendees.

You can check-in your attendees simply by tapping on their tickets through their Peatix app. No laptops nor scanning devices necessary.

* Tap check-in is only available for Peatix app tickets, for Peatix app versions older than 3.1.11 (iPhone) or 2.3.0 (Android).

For attendees who don't bring their Peatix app ticket, please use one of our other check-in methods to check-in the attendee. 

How it works

1. The attendee will show their ticket in the Peatix app. Confirm the event details, and click "Staff Validate". (*Available from 3 hours before the start of the event)


The following details are shown on ticket: Event Name, Attendee Name, Ticket Number & Event ID. You can check the ID of your event on the Overview or Attendees pages of your event. Please confirm the details of the event and the ticket, and proceed with checking in the attendee.

2. A pop up appears to confirm if you’re authorized to validate the ticket.

Select "Yes, I am the event staff" to continue with validation to check-in your attendee.

3. The check-in is completed.

4. That’s it! Your attendee is now checked-in and ready for entry.

Once the attendee has been checked-in, their tickets will be grey-scaled and cannot be used to check-in again.