Peatix helps you get the word out for your events through our event discovery platform Peatix Search. The platform allows users to search for and discover new and interesting events on Peatix.

If you are unable to find your event on Peatix Search, it may be due to one of reasons below:

(1) Time lag 

There is a time lag for an event to appear on Peatix Search after you have published the event and set the search tags. Please check back later if you are unable to find your event on Peatix Search after publishing your event and setting the search tags.

(2) Set a venue address for physical event

If you are hosting a physical event, you’ll need to register a clear and accurate venue address. You know you've done it right when the map on your event page displays the correct location. Try not to input additional information such as the name of the building or closest metro station etc. in the venue address field, as this may result in the wrong location being registered.

Tips for events in Singapore: Adding the postal code for the venue in the venue address field (e.g. Singapore 123456) would help ensure that the right location is registered in the system.

(3) Set online event as online-only 

If you are hosting an online event, please click the text “set event as online-only” under the venue field in the Basics page. If you manually enter the text “online”, the event will not be detected as an online event.

(4) Private event

If your event is private it will not show up on Peatix Search.

*Note: Not all events will be displayed on Peatix Search. If you are unable to find your event, and the above does not help, please feel free to contact us for help and more information.

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