If you are unable to find your event on Peatix Search after publishing your event page, it may be due to one of the reasons below:

Event is set to “Unlisted” or “Password-protected”

If your event is password-protected or unlisted, it will not show up on Peatix Search. You will need to make your event public in order for it to be discoverable on Peatix Search. Please see How can I manage my event privacy setting? for more information.

Venue address is not registered correctly (for physical event) 

If you are hosting a physical event, make sure that the correct address is entered in the Venue field. The correct map may not show up if additional information is entered  (e.g., name of the building, closest metro station). Please provide the name of the building, etc., in the event description.


* Tips for events in Singapore: Adding the postal code for the venue in the Venue field (e.g., Singapore 123456) would help ensure that the right location is registered in the system.

Search location is far from the venue (for physical event)

If you search for a location more than 20 km away from the event venue, it may not appear in the search results.

Please search again by specifying locations within 20 km of the venue or "Anywhere".

Event is currently being reviewed (Japan, Singapore or Malaysia only)

After you have tagged and published your event, Peatix will review your event page. Therefore, your event will not immediately appear on Peatix Search. If you have tagged and published your event but it does not show up in the search results, please check again in a few days.

*The review is in order for the event to appear on the Peatix Search. Even if an event is under review or does not pass the review, attendees can still apply for tickets by directly accessing the URL of the event page on your own website or social networking service.


Event was not approved by Peatix (Japan, Singapore or Malaysia only)

Not all events will be approved as a result of the review. Please note that Peatix will not disclose the details of the review criteria or process.

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