On the Overview page, you can view ticket sales and pageviews for the event.  

How to access the Overview page

1. Click on your account name in the upper right corner to access "My Groups / Events".

2. Click on the name of the event for which you wish to see the Overview page.

Ticket sales

The number of tickets sold, the total number (quantity) of tickets and the total sales are shown here.

The number of tickets sold ("2/25" in the screenshot below) is updated in real-time, but what is shown under "TICKET SALES" is updated approximately every 10 minutes.

To see how many tickets are sold per day, click on "Sales by Date".

* The number of tickets sold includes pending purchases (e.g., credit card payments being processed, pending convenience store/ATM payments for events in Japan).

* If the payment is not completed, the ticket will be automatically canceled.

* Credit card payments that are being processed will not be shown on the Sales List and Attendees tabs.


The graph shows you the number of pageviews by date. Pageviews refer to the number of times visitors have accessed your event page. Any number of visits by the same user within the same session will only count as one pageview.

* Please note that the pageviews data from 24 hours ago is the latest we can provide.

Top referrer domains

The graph shows you the top reference sites. You can see the top domains where visitors most frequently come from.


Please see How to read referrer stats for more information on the referrer domains.