When a buyer purchases multiple tickets for the same event, all tickets will be grouped under one group ticket with multiple ticket IDs and saved in the buyer's account. Through the ticket transfer feature, the buyer will be able to send their ordered ticket(s) to their friend(s). 

Buyer can transfer tickets in the following cases:

  • When the buyer orders multiple tickets for an event but the attendees will arrive separately at the event
  • When the buyer orders a ticket for somebody else as a gift
  • When the buyer cannot make it to the event anymore and gives away the ticket

Please see the attendee's help page for more details:

How to transfer a ticket

Receiving a transferred ticket

Disable ticket transfer

By default, ticket transfer is enabled. To disable ticket transfer, please uncheck the ticket transfer setting when you are creating a new event.

When ticket transfer is disabled, buyers will not be able to transfer tickets regardless of the amount of tickets they have ordered. To ensure the event is running smoothly, please consider the following:

For physical events, you are recommended to print out the attendee list on paper. On event day, if the ticket buyer does not arrive at the venue with other attendees that they bought the ticket for, you can still use the paper attendee list to make sure the number of attendees matches the number of tickets ordered during the event's check-in process. If you use tap or QR code check-in, without ticket transfer, when you validate the group ticket, all the tickets the buyer has ordered and saved in the Peatix app will be validated at the same time. In this case, all the attendees must arrive at the event and check in together.

For online events, buyers who have purchased more than 1 tickets will have to share the streaming URL, meeting passcode and other joining instructions to the attendees who did not get tickets on their own. This is because the Watch Stream page for online viewing can only be accessed by the buyer who has logged into the account they used to purchase the ticket.

After the event is published

Ticket transfer setting cannot be changed after the event is published.

After the event is published, Edit Tickets settings will be shown as below:

If the ticket can be transferred:

If the ticket cannot be transferred:

Managing attendees

You can check the ticket transfer status of an order in the Attendees tab. 

For example,

If ticket buyer "John Smith" has transferred a ticket to a friend "Mary Anne" but "Mary Anne" has not claimed the ticket, the order will be shown in "Sales List" and "Attendees" as below.

After the recipient "Mary Anne" claimed the ticket, the order will be shown in "Sale List" and "Attendees List"as below. If you click "Sent to x others" in the "Sales List",  recipient's nickname will be shown whereas on "Attendees", description "Gift from x" is added below the name of recipient.

To download the Attendee List CSV, please see How to download the attendee list for more information.