If you are creating an event on Peatix for the first time, you will first need to publish your event before you can register your payout details.* Once you have published your first event, enter your payout details in your account settings (detailed instructions below).

We will process payment within 5 business days from the final date of your event. For bank transfer payouts it may take a few more days before the transfer is completed and you receive the payout on your bank account.

How to register your payout details

Please register your payout details using a computer. It is not possible to register the payout details in the Peatix app, or through the browser of your smartphone.  

1. Log into your account, and click on your account name to access the Account Settings.

2. From your Account Settings, click Payout Information to access the payout details registration screen.

(The Payout Information screen is not available for events in draft status. Please first publish your event before registering your payout details)

3. Please click Edit to register your payout details. For security reason you will be required to login again before you can register or edit your payout details.

The payout details registration differs per country, please see the following help pages for more detailed information on registering the payout details for your country:


* For paid events or events with priced tickets in Australia, Canada and Hong Kong, you will first need to register your payout details before publishing your event.