Please enter your local Hong Kong bank account and verification details before publishing your first event page. After you have entered the bank account details, first click "Validate Bank Account" and then click "Register Account" to complete the registration.

Please note:  when necessary, you will be prompted to provide additional identity verification in Payout Information screen. Please click "Verify your information now" to verify your identity.

Account type

Full name
The full name of the individual
The full name of the company representative

Date of Birth
Date of birth of the individual
Date of birth of the company representative

Address of the individual
Address of company & address of company representative

Routing number
The Routing number consists of the 3 digit bank (clearing) code and the 3 digit branch code.
You will need to join clearing code and branch code to create the full routing number.

For example, if the clearing code is 123, and the branch code is 456, the routing number will be ‘123-456’.

Account number:
The format of the account number is 5-6 digits and 1-3 digits, separated by a dash: e.g. 123456-789.

Typically, the first 3 digits of the bank account number are the branch code.

Personal ID number
Personal ID number of the individual
Personal ID number of the company representative

Business name (for corporate accounts only)

Business tax id (for corporate account only)