Attendees will have indefinite access to the event's Watch Stream page and will therefore be able to access the streaming URL as long as it remains entered in the "Enter streaming URL" section of the Online Event Settings page. If you wish to allow attendees to watch the replay of your online event, we ask you not to delete the streaming URL after the event.

If you will be using different URLs for your live event (livestream) and replay, please overwrite the streaming URL once the event ends. For how to overwrite the URL, check this help page: Can I register / change the streaming URL after publishing my event?

* It is possible to sell tickets to a replay on the event page for an online event. Please note, however, that you must set the event date and time when creating an event page (you cannot create an event page without entering the event date and time). Please be aware that you will not be able to create an event page that only sells tickets to a replay.

Please provide the information regarding the event replay period in the event description. Check the details regarding replay for the streaming platform you will be using, as the event replay period differs from platform to platform.

Please note that tickets for an event can be sold up to 24 hours after the end of the event. As such, it is possible for users who have not purchased a ticket to a livestream to buy one for a replay and watch the replay after the event is over. Check this help page for more information: Can I still sell tickets after the event has started?

* You will not be able to register a separate streaming URL for each ticket. If you wish to register a different URL per ticket category, you will need to send the URL (for livestream and/or replay) directly to the attendees. For details, refer to this help page: Can I register a different streaming URL per ticket category?

* For information regarding the replay of a Peatix Live event, please visit this help page: 

Will attendees be able to watch the replay of a Peatix Live event?