When a buyer purchases multiple tickets for the same event, all tickets will be grouped under one group ticket with multiple ticket IDs and saved in the buyer's account. Therefore, if you use QR code, tap, or name search check-in to check in the attendee, all the tickets they have ordered will be checked in at the same time. 

If a ticket buyer and their friend(s) plan to arrive at the event separately, the buyer can transfer the ticket(s) to their friend(s) in advance. After the ticket recipient has claimed the ticket, the ticket recipient will be able to bring their own ticket for check-in. 

* Note: If the ticket is transferred by the buyer but not yet claimed by the recipient, and you have completed check-in, the ticket recipient will no longer be able to claim the ticket. So, please make sure that you check the total number of tickets indicated on the group ticket and make sure that it matches the number of people who showed up at the check-in desk.

If a ticket buyer does not arrive at the venue with other attendees that they bought the tickets for and the tickets have not been transferred or claimed yet, we recommend that you use a printout of your attendee list to check in the attendees manually. 


Ask for the name of the person who purchased the tickets or who will arrive later and mark that information down on your attendee list. Once that person arrives, ask them for the name and let them in if the correct information is given.

For more information on checking in attendees using the attendee list, check this help page: Paper Check-in: How to download a list of attendees.