Immediately after a new event is published, a "new event publication notification email" is sent to followers.

This email cannot be customized. If you wish to send customized notifications to your followers, please use the message function.

<Dos and Don'ts

To avoid sending errors, please be careful of the following points.

・When publishing multiple events at the same time, do not use multiple browser tabs or windows, but publish one event at a time in the same tab.

・When publishing multiple events at the same time in a group with many followers (more than 100), please leave an interval of about 15 minutes.

<Important notice>

・If you publish an event with the privacy settings set to "Unlisted" or "Password-protected," no email will be sent. Event if you change the privacy setting to "Public" after publishing the event, no email will be sent out.

・If you have a large number of followers, there may be a time lag before the email is sent, and some followers may receive the email several hours later.

・If some followers do not receive the email, it may be due to a problem with the inbox capacity of the follower in question, or the email may have been sorted into the spam folder.

・If multiple events are published in one day, the second and subsequent emails will not be sent immediately, but will be published together in the next day's email.

Furthermore, 72 hours before the event, an "72 hours before event notification email" will be sent to followers who have not yet applied for tickets.