Immediately after a new event is published, a "new event publication notification email" is sent to followers.

In addition, 72 hours before the event, "72 hours before event notification email" will be sent to followers who have not yet purchased tickets.

*This email will also be sent to those who have received transferred tickets as they are not identified as ticket buyer. 

This email cannot be customized. If you wish to send customized notification to your followers, please use the message function.

<Conditions for events that are subject to this notification>

・Privacy setting is set to "Public" at the time of email distribution.

 ("Unlisted" and "Password-protected" events are not subject to this notification)

・72 hours has passed since event publish and tickets are on sale at the time of email distribution. 

・There is at least one ticket type that has not reached sales end date/time.

*If there are other upcoming events under the same group page that will start within 3 days from the start date of the event that is the subject of the email notification, those events will be included in the same email. 

*If multiple events in the same email, they will be listed in ascending order by event date/time, and the name of the first event will be used for the email title.

<Conditions for followers who will NOT be notified>

・Already purchased ticket for the event.

・Ticket has already been cancelled.

・The follower has already registered the event on their "watch list" (including the case where multiple events are notified by the same email, even if one of them has already been registered on the watch list).