Subscription is a feature that enables organizers to collect money regularly. You can create membership plans for monthly or annual subscription periods for the members of your group, and you can also choose to add an initiation fee. Unless the subscriber cancels his or her plan, the subscription is automatically renewed.

Becoming a member

After you start your membership plan, the plan is shown on the group page. Users can subscribe to your membership plan by clicking the "Become a member" button.



Unless the member cancels their subscription, the membership will automatically be renewed.

On the date of the renewal the credit card that was used to subscribe to the membership plan will automatically be charged with the membership fee. 


Pricing and payout

The fee for using the subscription feature is 10%. This includes all payment processing fees, and you will not be charged any further fees for your subscriptions. 

After you have created your membership plan, you can register your bank account details in your account settings. At the beginning of each month we will pay out the membership fees (minus the 10% fee) to your bank account.