Subscription is a feature that enables organizers to collect money regularly. 

You can create membership plans for monthly or annual subscription periods for the members of your group, and you can also choose to add an initiation fee. 

Unless the subscriber cancels his or her plan, the subscription is automatically renewed.

Important notice

*Subscription cannot be used for support funds (fundraising, donations, etc.) that do not provide a return to the members participating in the group.Please include a clear description of the return in the plan.

 Ex) Community Participation Monthly Plan

*Please include a link to your company's web page, the purpose of the subscription plan, and the benefits of membership in the terms of use.

*Subscription is not a system that automatically applies special member prices to tickets for events.

 If you wish to use such a system, you will need to issue discount codes for each event and share it with your members.

 When you hold an event that is open only to members, you can set privacy settings to share the event page only with members.

 For more information on privacy settings, please refer to How can I manage my event privacy setting?


The fee is 10% of the membership fee.

Pricing and payout

After you have created your membership plan, you can register your bank account details in your account settings. 

At the beginning of each month we will pay out the membership fees (minus the 10% fee) to your bank account.

Becoming a member

After you start your membership plan, the plan is shown on the group page. 

*Please include in the name or details of your plan the services or products that only members will receive in exchange for their membership dues.

ex)newsletter subscription/thank you email/add to email list/thank you gift

Users can subscribe to your membership plan by clicking the "Become a member" button. For information on how to subscribe to a membership plan, please see the attendee help page below.

How can I subscribe to a membership plan? (for US and Singapore only) 

*Members will receive an email with  details after subscribing. No email will be sent at the time of renewal.