You can embed a Vimeo or YouTube video on the Watch Stream page of your online event by selecting Embed (Vimeo/YouTube) as your streaming method.


After entering your streaming URL, your Vimeo/YouTube live stream and live chat (if available) will be embedded on the Watch Stream page.

Your event instructions (up to 2,000 characters) will be shown under the "Additional notes from the organizer" section on the Watch Stream page. You can share any information about the event, such as the event program, meeting ID and passcode, and software requirements here. The attendees will be able to access the Watch Stream page immediately after ordering a ticket.


* You can edit the streaming URL or event instructions at any time. If you haven’t created the streaming URL when publishing the event page, you can still add the URL later from the Online Event Settings section of the Edit event page. In that case, please let the attendees know beforehand the date and time you're planning to add the streaming URL in the event instructions.


* For more information regarding the compliance of content streamed for commercial purposes, as well as other details, please refer to the Terms of Service of the streaming platform selected.