By setting your event type as "Online Event" when creating an event page, the Online page will be enabled. The information you have entered on the Online page including streaming URL and event instructions will be shared with your attendees on the Watch Stream page.

After ordering a ticket for your event, attendees will gain access to the Watch Stream page of the event through the tickets dashboard in their account, the order confirmation email as well as the event reminder email (sent automatically approximately 24 hours before the start of the event). Attendees will need to log in to the account they used to order their tickets to access the Watch Stream page. Those who didn't order a ticket will not be able to access the Watch Stream page of your event. 

* For events in Japan, attendees who have yet to complete conbini/ATM payment can access the Watch Stream page but not the content (e.g., streaming URL, event instructions, etc.) you shared on the page.

As an organizer, you can view the Watch Stream page of your event by clicking the "Watch" tab on the menu bar.

To check how the Watch Stream page appears to attendees, please visit the following help pages:

If your attendees contact you to ask how they can access the Watch Stream page, please refer them to this help page: How to join an online event