Peatix Live is a comprehensive and secured streaming solution by Peatix for paid online live events. The new feature enables live experience providers in music, theatre, sports, learning classes and a wider range of event categories to establish a revenue stream while providing registered and signed-in attendees with exclusive access to high-quality audio and video content.  

With Peatix Live, you can livestream your event directly on Peatix by using third-party software such as OBS Studio or StreamYard. By selecting Peatix Live as your streaming method, you will be able to publish event pages, promote your events and broadcast your events -- all without having to leave our service.

* Peatix Live is currently a limited service and is only available to organizers hosting paid events. Organizers need to apply in advance to use the service. For more information, please visit the Peatix Live service overview page.

* To livestream your event directly on Peatix, you will need to connect Peatix Live with streaming software such as OBS Studio or StreamYard. For how to do this, please refer to the articles below:

For the latest information on OBS Studio and StreamYard, please check the official website for each software: