*Peatix Live is currently a limited service and is only available to organizers hosting paid events in Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. If you cannot find "Peatix Live" as a streaming method option on your event creation > online setting page, please click here and contact us.


* Please see this help page for further details: Recommended browser.

You will need to create a group before creating an event for the first time on Peatix.

What is a group?

We understand that groups, communities and even fan clubs form organically when people come together for shared experiences at events on Peatix. Interactions within these circles may happen before, or long after, an event. With groups, it is our hope that we can facilitate these interactions more seamlessly. Create your group based on the contents of the events and the attendees.

Creating your group

1. Get started by creating a new Peatix account, or using your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Apple account to log in.

* If you already have a group, you can immediately create a new event in the same group.

2. Click "Let's begin!" to start creating your group. 

3.The Create a Group page is shown.

On your group page you can: 

  • add a logo (size: 400 × 400px / format: JPEG, PNG, GIF)
  • add a cover image (size: 1440 x 360 / 1280 x 320 / 960 x 240px / format: JPEG, PNG, GIF)
  • add a Vimeo or YouTube video
  • add a group description (try to be descriptive to encourage people to join your group)
  • set a custom URL to your group page (an underscore " _ " , slash " / ", and dot " . " cannot be used in your custom URL)

Click "Create Group!" to create your group.

* If you are asked to verify your account email address, please follow the steps described on the following help page: How can I verify my account email address? 

* Peatix users can become followers of your group from the event page, or when ordering tickets to your event. Followers will receive notification emails when you publish a new event, and your events will be displayed in the recommended event list in the Peatix app.

* It is possible to create multiple groups in your account, and you will be able to host events in each group.

How to create an event

Once your group is created, click “Start event / group” near the page top, “Create Event” on the top right corner, or “Create new event” in “Upcoming Events” to start creating an event.

* If you wish to create an event for an existing group, log into your Peatix account, and click on your account name in the upper right corner to access "My Groups / Events". Click the “Create event” button for the group you wish to create an event.

1. Basics

Event Name

Start by entering an event name.

Event Type

If you are going to hold a Peatix Live event, select "Online event" under "Event Type". This will automatically create the Watch Stream page, which can only be accessed by ticket buyers who have ordered tickets for your event (this page cannot be disabled).


Event start time and end time

Set your event start time and end time. Please note that the date and time cannot be changed after the event has been published.

* Peatix Live events have a maximum event duration of 6 hours.


To change the country of the event, click the country name under the event start time and select a country from the drop-down menu. Please note that you will not be able to change the country after publishing the event. The currency of the ticket will automatically be set based on the country of the event. Please make sure that you will be able to receive ticket sales. 

2. Online


On the Online page, you will be entering information that will be shared with attendees onthe Watch Stream page.

Start off by selecting “Built-in Peatix Live” (second from the left) as your streaming method. The following page opens:


Live event settings

Enable event replays

By default, the event replays are enabled (i.e., the box for “Enable event replays” is checked). Attendees will be able to watch the replay on the Watch Stream page after the end of the live broadcast. For more information, please see How to use the event replay function on Peatix Live.

To disable event replays, uncheck the box for “Enable event replays”.

Enable live chat

By default, the live chat is enabled (i.e., the box for “Enable live chat” is checked). A live chat screen will be embedded on the Broadcast page, and you will be able to exchange messages with attendees during a livestream. For more information, please check How to use the live chat function on Peatix Live.

To disable live chat, uncheck the box for “Enable live chat”.

The settings for event replays and live chat can be changed on the Broadcast page after the event is published.

Add event instructions for attendees (mandatory)

Your event instructions (up to 2,000 characters) are a mandatory field on the Online page and will be shown under the "Event instructions from the organizer" section on the Watch Stream page. You can share the details about the event, such as the event program, whether or not there will be an event replay, and other relevant information (e.g., your contact information).


You can edit the event instructions even after publishing the event. If you have not decided on the details about your event upon publishing the event page, please let the attendees know by sharing that in the event instructions. 


If you wish to email the details about the event to attendees (instead of sharing through the event instructions), please let the attendees know about your plan by writing it in the event instructions. We recommend that you also indicate the time and date you are planning to send the email in the event instructions.


If you are going to use music in your Peatix Live event, you will first need to check whether the music is copyrighted or not.

* For a Peatix Live event held in Japan: If there will be copyrighted music in your event, you will be required to complete and submit the copyright declaration form for the music used in this event no later than 24 hours after the event.

For details regarding music copyright declaration, please check Do I need to obtain copyright licenses to use music in my Peatix Live event?

After checking the important notes at the bottom of the page as well as Peatix Terms of Service, click “Next: Tickets”.

3. Tickets

Next, create tickets for your event. 

1. Click “Paid Ticket”. Only paid tickets can be created for Peatix Live events.

2. Enter the ticket type (ticket name), price, and quantity (number of available tickets). 

The minimum price that a Peatix Live ticket can be set to is:

  • For events in Japan: 200 JPY
  • For events in Singapore: 2 SGD
  • For events in Malaysia: 6 MYR

Please enter the ticket price that exceeds the above. 

* You can change the quantity at any time, but you cannot change the ticket type or price

If you wish to change the ticket type or price, please delete the already created ticket and create a new one. If tickets have been sold, however, you will not be able to delete that ticket type.

To delete a ticket, click the trash can icon on the right of the ticket you wish to delete.

* You can create multiple ticket types. To add a ticket type, click “Paid Ticket” above “Advanced settings”.

* You can change the order of the tickets by dragging the arrows on the left (you can sort up to 31 ticket types).

3. Click the Settings button and check or change the schedule ticket sales settings of each ticket.

If no changes need to be made, click the Settings button again to close the screen.

If you wish to change the ticket sales start date/time or ticket sales end date/time (e.g., to create Early Bird tickets), click “Change” on the right. For more information, please see How to set the ticket sales period.

It is also possible to create discount codes for your tickets. Please check this help page for further details: Can I add discount codes for my event?

4. Check the Advanced settings of the tickets.

Stop all ticket sales

By default, all ticket sales will stop at the starting time of the event. For how to change the cutoff time, please see How to set the ticket sales period.


Max tickets per ticket type

By default, the number of tickets (for each ticket type) that can be purchased per order is set to 6 tickets. 

<Example> If you are selling “Ticket A” and “Ticket B”, a buyer can purchase up to 6 tickets each at one time.


Please contact us in the following cases:

  • If you have multiple ticket categories, and you wish to set a different ticket purchase limit for each ticket category.
    <Example> A buyer can purchase up to 2 “Ticket A” tickets and up to 3 “Ticket B” tickets at one time.
  • If you have multiple ticket categories, and you wish to set a ticket purchase limit for the total of tickets that can be purchased per order.
    <Example> A buyer can purchase up to a total of 5 tickets (both “Ticket A” and “Ticket B” combined) at one time.


Payment Methods

The available payment methods vary depending on the country. For some countries, it is possible to disable some payment methods. 

* Please note that it is not possible to edit the payment methods after you have published the event page.


Ticket transfer

The ticket transfer feature allows ticket buyers to transfer tickets to a friend by themselves. When the setting is unchecked, ticket buyers will not be able to transfer tickets regardless of the number of tickets ordered. For more information, please see About the transfer feature.

4. Details

On the Details page, you can upload a cover image and add the description of your event.

Cover Image

To upload your cover image, click "Add cover image" and select the file you wish to use. The ideal size of the cover image is 920 x 450px.

* The maximum upload size is 5MB, including both the cover image and any image inserted in the event description.

The cover image of the event is also shown on Peatix Search and in event recommendation emails. We recommend uploading an image that fits your event and encourages people to sign up. For more details, please see Can I customize/change the cover image of my event page?

Event Description

In the event description, you can enter the details about your event. You can also add images, videos and links in the event description.


How to upload an image: Click the "Insert/edit image" button and select the file of your image.

You can upload any JPEG, PNG or GIF file.

The maximum size file you can upload is 5 MB (for both the cover image and image in the event description).

The maximum width of the image is 430px.

There is no limit to the number of images you can upload.


How to upload a video: Click the "Insert YouTube Video" button and enter the URL of your YouTube video.


How to insert a link: Click the "Insert/edit link" button. Enter the URL and text to display.


* You can bold the text or change the text color to red.

* It is not possible to use HTML tags in your event description.



With the form feature, you can create a custom questionnaire for your attendees to answer. You can collect information from your attendees such as email addresses, feedback and even favorite ice cream flavor. For more information on setting up the form, please check How to use a form to collect information from attendees.

* All form data will be automatically deleted 30 days after the event has ended.


Event Privacy Setting

By default, your event privacy setting is set to “Public”. If you wish to share your event with only some people, you can set your event as “Password-protected” or “Unlisted”. 

It is possible to first publish your event as “Password-protected” or “Unlisted” and later change the setting to “Public”. You can use this method to check if your event page works the way you intended it to work. Please note that, when an event is published as “Password-protected” or “Unlisted” and later made “Public”, group followers will not receive any email notifying them that you have published a new event.

For details, please see How can I manage my event privacy setting?


Event URL

You can customize your event page URL into something meaningful and easy to remember.

* An underscore ( _ ), dot (.) and slash ( / ) cannot be used in your custom URL.

* A customized URL cannot be used twice.


Attendee Display on Event Page

If the boxes for “Show attendee nicknames” and “Show number of attendees” are checked, this information will be visible on the event page. As an organizer, you will be able to access both the attendee nicknames and the number of attendees through your dashboard even if these boxes are unchecked.


Emergency Contact Number (mandatory)

This is a mandatory field. Please make sure to enter your phone number using only numbers and hyphens. There is no need to enter a country code.

5. Preview, Tag & Publish

After you have created your event, click the "Preview & Save" button at the bottom of the page to preview your event page. 


By clicking "Edit", you can change the content of your event page. 

If you wish to ask other people involved in hosting the event to check the event page, click "Share URL" to generate a URL. Only people with this URL can access the preview of the event.  


Please note that you can only see the information for tickets you have created on the Event Preview page; you will not be able to test the ticket order process. If you wish to test the process or check how the form appears, we recommend that you publish your event as "Password-protected" (for details, please refer to How can I manage my event privacy setting?). You can also test the ticket order process by setting a discount code to a ticket so that it essentially becomes a free ticket.


When you are ready to publish your event page, click "Tag & Publish". 


* Please note that you can only tag your event if your event is hosted in Japan, Singapore or Malaysia. If your event is not hosted in these countries, you will not be able to tag your event (the “Publish” button instead of the “Tag & Publish” button will be shown).


For information on how to tag your event, check this help page: How to tag and publish an event.