1) Download the Peatix Organizer App

The app needs to be installed on every device that will be used to check-in attendees.

To use more than one device to check-in attendees, please use the Assistant Mode

2) After you start the application, please log in with the organizers account used to create the event.

3) Select the relevant event.

4) Click "QR Scan"

5) Start scanning the QR-codes from the tickets of the event attendees.

* If the attendee brought their Peatix App ticket, please click on the QR-code button to access the QR-code.

When the scanning is complete, the check-in is completed. The name of the attendee and the number  and name of the ticket(s) will be displayed on the screen.

The information is synchronized in your Peatix account, and can also be confirmed from the computer.

* On some non-secure public WiFi networks it is not possible to scan tickets. If an SSL error is shown, please try using another secure internet connection.


Manual Mode

1) From the following screen, choose the "Name check-in" option

2. The attendees list will be displayed. You can search on attendee name or ticket ID. 

If you click the "Check-in" button the check-in will be completed.

3. A check mark will be displayed for all checked-in attendees. By clicking the check mark you can undo the check-in and return the attendee to "waiting" status.