If you wish to share the event URL on your website or include it on flyers and other published materials before publishing your event page, it is possible to obtain the event URL through one of the following two methods.

Customize your event URL

When creating a new event, you can customize the event URL on the Details page. The event URL will be fixed once you enter and save the custom URL.

For details on how to customize your event URL, please see Can I customize the URL of my event page?

Check the URL displayed on the Event Preview page

When you click on the “Preview & Save” button on the Details page when creating an event, an URL in the form of  "https://peatix.com/event/{7-8digitsnumber}" will appear in the address bar of your browser. This will be your event URL if you are not setting a custom URL to your event.

* If you are sharing the event URL, please omit “/view” after the 7-8 digits number.

Please note, however, that the obtained event URL will only be accessible to organizers who are logged into Peatix until the event page is actually published. If you wish to ask other people involved in hosting the event to check the event page prior to publishing the page, click "Share URL" on the Event Preview page to generate a URL.