*Peatix Live is currently a limited service and is only available to organizers hosting paid events in Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. If you cannot find "Peatix Live" as a streaming method option on your event creation > online setting page, please click here and contact us.

Peatix Live is a comprehensive, secured streaming solution offered by Peatix that you can use for paid online live events. 

If you would like to stream your event using Peatix Live, we charge an additional Peatix Live fee on top of the standard ticketing fee. The total Peatix fee (ticketing fee + Peatix Live fee) is calculated based on your ticket sales and is automatically deducted from your payout.


  • No service, registration, or monthly fees
  • Inclusive of all payment processing fees (e.g., credit card processing fees)
  • Ticket buyers will only pay the ticket price and will not be charged any booking fees


The pricing differs per country. Please see below for the fee in your country:

CountryTicket / Payout currencyTicketing feePeatix Live feeTotal Peatix fee
SingaporeSGD5%2 SGD / ticket5% + 2 SGD / ticket
MalaysiaMYR5%6 MYR / ticket5% + 6 MYR / ticket
Japan*JPY4.9% + 99 JPY / ticket1.1% + 51 JPY / ticket6.0% + 150 JPY / ticket
Japan* (when using copyrighted music managed by JASRAC / NexTone)JPY4.9% + 99 JPY / ticket4.1% + 51 JPY / ticket9.0% + 150 JPY / ticket

* Note: An additional 3% fee will apply to events using copyrighted music managed by JASRAC / NexTone

* Note: Under Japanese consumption tax requirements, the Peatix Live fee will be subject to the Reverse Charge Mechanism for certain business recipients in Japan, whereby the recipients may be required to withhold consumption tax and pay tax for the Services by filing tax return on behalf of the foreign enterprises.




If you have sold 100 tickets priced at 30 SGD for your Peatix Live event in Singapore, the fee breakdown is as follows:

  • Total sales: 100 tickets sold x 30 SGD = 3,000 SGD
  • Ticketing fee: 3,000 SGD x 5% = 150 SGD
  • Peatix Live fee: 100 tickets x 2 SGD = 200 SGD
  • Total Peatix fee: 150 SGD + 200 SGD = 350 SGD
  • Your event’s total payout amount: 3,000 SGD - 350 SGD = 2,650 SGD

Important points to note:


  • Peatix Live is an online streaming service offered exclusively by Peatix. Please note that the fee charged for online events that use Peatix Live is different from the fee for online events that use other streaming methods (e.g., Linkout, Vimeo Embed and YouTube Embed). For online events that use streaming methods other than Peatix Live as well as physical events, only the standard ticketing fee applies. For more details, check this help page: Peatix Pricing
  • Peatix Live cannot be used for free events.
  • The fees are subject to change.

  • For how to receive the ticket sales for your event, check this help page: How to receive the ticket sales for your event
  • When cancelling your event, there can be a cancellation fee. Please see Can I cancel my event? for details.

  • For a paid ticket that has been purchased with the use of a discount code, the fees apply to the discounted ticket price.
  • For organizers in Japan: There is a payout fee of 210 JPY per payout.