※This is an article explaining the system in Japan.

Peatix Inc., a U.S. based operating entity, only operates the platform for organizers to sell tickets and collects payment on behalf of the organizers. 

Therefore, Peatix Inc. cannot issue receipts to event attendees.

If a receipt for the ticket purchase is needed in accordance with the Japan's invoicing law, please contact the organizer using the message feature or other means.

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         Receiving questions and replying to messages from attendees (for organizers)

Peatix does not provide a feature to issue receipts in the organizer's name. Please issue receipts by yourself referring to the following.

<If you receive a request for a receipt: Use the message function>

Receipts issued by the organizer can be sent to attendees using the message feature in the following ways

1. Using an online storage service

Upload the receipt file to the third party online storage service and send its URL for download.

2. Using e-mail file attachments

You cannot attach files using the message feature.

If you want to send a receipt file as an attachment, first ask attendees in the message for their e-mail address, and then send an e-mail with the file attached to that address.

<If you want to check whether or not a receipt is required in advance:Use the form function>

Using the form, you can confirm whether or not a receipt is required for all attendees when they purchase ticket. If necessary, you can obtain information such as recipient's name and e-mail address.