Users can follow a group from the group page or event page, as well as from the order page when purchasing tickets.

Once a user becomes a follower of a group,

・Can receive automated "new event publish notification email" and "72 hours before event notification email"  from Peatix.

・Account Nickname of the follower will be displayed in the follower list on the group page.

Organizer can also send out notification emails to followers.

From the "Followers" tab you can view and message the followers from your group.

Message all followers at once

1. From the follower page, click "Message followers" and select "Message all" from the drop-down menu.


2. Enter your message and subject (optional) and click "Send".


Message individual followers

1. Click the mail button next to the followers name.

2.  Enter your message and subject (optional) and click "Send".