It is possible to cancel your event on Peatix under unavoidable circumstances. Please make sure to cancel your event before the event starts.

Before you cancel your event, please inform the attendees about the circumstances surrounding the event. You can message all attendees using our message function.  

After you have cancelled your event, all ticket buyers will receive an email informing them that the event has been cancelled. All purchased tickets will be refunded to the ticket buyers.

* For events in Japan: For tickets paid via convenience store/ATM payment, a payment fee of 220 JPY per order will not be refunded to the ticket buyers.

How to cancel your event

* Please note that the following occurs when an event is cancelled:

  • The published event page will be deleted, and it will not be displayed even if you try to access the event page URL.
  • You will not be able to view the attendee list (CSV).

1. Click on your account name in the upper right corner to access "My Groups / Events".

2. Click the pencil button located under the name of the event you wish to cancel. The Edit event page opens.

3. Click "More" in the upper right corner.

4. Select "Cancel Event".

5. A message asking to confirm your event cancellation will be shown. Click "Yes".

6. If a cancellation fee will be charged, a screen will pop up asking you to confirm the fee. 

The cancellation fee is to be paid through PayPal. Please follow the instructions on the screen and continue with the cancellation process.

7. Your event will be cancelled when the cancellation fee is paid. 


Cancellation fee

You will not be charged a cancellation fee for these cases:

  • Event with no sold tickets
  • Event with only free tickets
  • Event country is Singapore or Malaysia
  • Event with tickets purchased less than 50 days ago

For paid tickets purchased more than 50 days ago, you will be charged the following cancellation fee per transaction:


CountryCurrencyCancellation Fee (per transaction)
Hong Kong        HKD30 HKD        
IndonesiaUSD5 USD
Japan*JPY340 JPY        
PhilippinesPHP200 PHP
South KoreaUSD5 USD
Sri LankaUSD5 USD
TaiwanTWD150 TWD
ThailandTHB150 THB
VietnamUSD5 USD

North America

CountryCurrencyCancellation Fee (per transaction)
CanadaCAD5 CAD
U.S.USD5 USD        


CountryCurrencyCancellation Fee (per transaction)
AustriaEUR5 EUR
BelguimEUR5 EUR
FranceEUR5 EUR
GermanyEUR5 EUR
IrelandEUR5 EUR
LuxembourgEUR5 EUR
NetherlandsEUR5 EUR
United KingdomGBP5 GBP

Australia & Oceania

CountryCurrencyCancellation Fee (per transaction)
AustraliaAUD5 AUD
New ZealandNZD5 NZD

* For event organizers in Japan: For tickets paid via convenience store/ATM payment, the cancellation fee will be 340 JPY per order regardless of how many days have passed since the ticket purchase.


Refund process

The refund will be handled by the credit card company that was used for the purchase of the tickets. Normally it will take between 5 and 30 business days before the refund is reflected on their statement.

Furthermore, for credit cards, the refund timing will vary depending on the cutoff date of the credit card (we cannot look up the cutoff date of a credit card). Please see below for more details: 

  • The date of the cancellation lies before the cutoff date of the credit card
    The refund process will be handled in the current month. This means that the payment will not be made, and no money will be deducted. In many cases, both the payment and the cancellation will appear separately on the credit card statement.

  • The date of the cancellation lies after the cutoff date of the credit card
    The payment of the order will be processed as usual. The refund is processed next month through a negative invoice.

* For events in Japan: For tickets paid via convenience store/ATM payment, ticket buyers will be refunded to their bank account. After the event cancellation has been processed, they will receive an email (in Japanese) explaining the refund process.