In the Activity feed of the group page, the group's organizer and co-organizers can post updates, announcements, and related content.

How to post

1. To create a post, select the "Activity" or "Home" tab, and click on "Create a post".

2. Enter content and click on "Publish post". 

*You can use bold, italic, add links, emojis, and bullet lists in your post.

3. Your post will be published as "Latest Activity".

*Posts cannot be edited after publishing. If you wish to change the content, please delete the original post and repost.

How to delete

1. Go to the post you wish to remove and click on "Delete" from the "..." menu at the top right corner.

2. A confirmation screen will appear. Click on "Delete Post" to proceed.

*Once a post is deleted, it is permanently removed from the feed and cannot be restored.