You can insert a panoramic cover image into the upper part of your event page. 

The ideal size of the cover image is 920px x 450px.

Acceptable file formats are JPEG, PNG, and GIF. PDF and TIF cannot be used.

* The maximum upload size is 5MB, including both the cover image and any image inserted in the event description.

The cover image of the event is shown on Peatix Search and in event recommendation emails. We recommend uploading an image that fits your event and encourages people to sign up.

How to add a cover image 

1. When creating a new event, click "Add cover image" on the Details page and select the image you wish to use. 

2. The image will automatically be positioned to fit 920px x 450px. For an oversized cover image, you may reposition the image by dragging it up and down or left and right. Click "Done" when you are satisfied with the cover image.

3. Click "Preview & Save" at the bottom of the page to set the cover image to your event page. 

The cover image is optimized for all devices including smartphones.

How to change a cover image

You can change or delete a cover image. Click the "Edit cover image" button shown at the lower bottom of the image and select either "Replace image" or "Delete image".

To change a cover image after the event page is published, please access the Edit event page. For how to access the Edit event page, refer to Can I edit my event after publishing?

How to use a video for a cover image

This function is currently unavailable.

You can use a video for your cover image. A playback button (▶) will be shown on the cover image on the event list screen and event details screen. 

Currently, this feature is only available for Peatix's iOS app and supports YouTube videos only.

If you want to use a video for your cover image, please let us know your Peatix event page URL and the YouTube URL of the video to be uploaded.

※ Please use a full YouTube URL that starts with instead of a shortened link.

※ Please make sure your video does not violate intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademark rights of Peatix or other third parties.