After you have published an event, you can change the event settings such as the event title, event description, cover image, etc., at any time. 

*Please note that the items listed below cannot be edited after publishing the event. 


  • Changing online events to physical events
  • Event date and time
  • Country 

*The currency of tickets, payout and timezone are determined by the event country. For more details, please refer to Can I change the currency and timezone for an international online event?


  • Ticket type and price (It’s possible to delete the ticket type unless a ticket has been ordered.)
  • Scheduled ticket sales start date and time
  • Payment methods
  • Ticket transfer


  • Event URL

To edit your event, please access the Edit event page.

1. Click on your account name in the upper right corner to access "My Groups / Events".

2. Click the pencil button located under the name of the event you wish to edit. The Edit event page opens.

You can update the following on the Edit event page:


After saving your changes, the following message will pop up asking you whether you wish to notify the ticket buyers of the changes. 

If you wish to notify the ticket buyers, click "Yes, notify attendees".


Basics Settings

From the Edit event page, click "Edit Basics".

You can edit the event name, event type, event venue and address. After you have updated the data, please click the Save button.

* After you have published the event, you cannot make changes to the event date and time. Please note that an online event cannot be changed to a physical (offline) event after the event page has been published. For details, refer to this help page: Is it possible to switch my online event to a physical event (or vice versa) after publishing?


Tickets Settings

From the Edit event page, click "Edit Tickets". 

If you wish to add ticket categories or change the number of available tickets, please check How to change the number of tickets, add or delete ticket types.

If you wish to suspend or resume the ticket sales, please check How to temporarily suspend and re-open the ticket sales.

If you wish to change the ticket sales cutoff, please check How to change the ticket sales period.

If you wish to change a discount code, please check How can I delete or deactivate a discount code?

Max tickets per ticket type

You can at any time change the maximum number of tickets that can be ordered per ticket type.

Payment Methods

After you have published the event page, you cannot make changes to the payment methods.

Online Event Settings (only applicable to online events)

From the Edit event page, locate "Online Event Settings" and click "Edit Settings".

You can change the streaming method on the Online Event Settings page. You can also add or edit the streaming URL and/or event instructions, which are shared on the Watch Stream page that is only accessible to the attendees who have ordered tickets to your event. For details, check this help page: 

Can I register / change the streaming URL after publishing my event?

Event Details Settings

On the Edit event page, you can edit your event's cover image, event description, event privacy setting, tags, etc. 

Cover image

For details on how to change a cover image, please check Can I customize/change the cover image of my event page? 


If you wish to change the form for the event, please check How can I edit a form?

Event Privacy Setting

You can change your event privacy setting by clicking "Change setting". Please check How can I manage my event privacy setting? for details.

Attendee Display on Event Page

You can opt to not show attendee nicknames or number of attendees by unchecking the boxes for "Show attendee nicknames" or "Show number of attendees".


If you wish to edit the main category and/or topics, please click the "Change tags" button. For details, check this help page: Can I edit the tags for my event?

* If you have ordered a paid promotion for your event, you will not be able to change/delete the tags you have originally set.

In case you need to cancel your event, please check Can I cancel my event?