You can manage the attendees to your event, and check the number of attendees from the Attendee page.


How to manage event attendees

1. After you are logged into your account,  click on Attendees-button of the event you are hosting.

2. The Attendees page will appear.

The Attendee page consists of two tabs: Sales List & Attendees


Sales List

From the Sales List-tab you can do the following:

1) From the Sales List-tab you can check the order status of the attendees.

You can check the following information of the attendees: 1) The name of the attendee, 2) Ticket name and number of tickets purchased, 3) Ticket price, 4) Payment status and 5) Order date.

* Please note that the email address of the attendee will not be displayed. If you want to collect the email addresses of the attendees, please set a form questionnaire to your event. 

2. You can check the total number of orders both above and below the list of orders.

3. You can filter the orders by [Ticket Type] and [Order Status].

There are the following types of Order Status:

  • - Paid: payment is completed
  • - Free: an order of a free ticket, or of a ticket that has become free by using a discount code
  • - Canceled: an order that is cancelled.
  • - Discount Code: an order that used a discount code to buy tickets

For events in Japan, there are also the following types of Order Status:

  • - Pending: pending payment of convenient store/atm payment
  • - Expired: expired payment of convenient store/atm payment
  • - CVS/ATM: convenient store/atm payment 
  • - Invoice: invoice payment

4. You can look up the order belonging to a specific customer.


The number starting from # is the ticket number. This number is also displayed on the ticket of the attendee. 

The ticket numbers are assigned at the time of the order, and are therefore issued in the order of purchase. There can be skipped ticket numbers if an order is not completed or is canceled. In that case the ticket number will not be re-used for a different order.

From the Attendees page you can do the following:

- Check the attendees to your event

- Check in attendees on the event day

- Download the attendee list (CSV-file)

- Send a message to attendees