Peatix is an online ticket sales and event management service. With no registration fees, you can start using Peatix right away.

Below we will explain the basics on how to use Peatix for your event.

1. Create a group & event

After you have created your Peatix account, the first step in using Peatix for your event is creating a group. This group will become the community around your event(s). 

After you have created your group, you can proceed to create your event page. On the event page, you can inform participants about all event details (such as date and time, location or how attendees will receive meeting URL if your event is online) and create tickets. You can also add pictures and videos to your event page. 

You can further customize your event with several extra event setting options, such as creating a survey questionnaire for ticket buyers, customizing the URL of the event page or changing the ticket sales deadline.

How to create a group / an event

2. Publish and promote your event

When you are finished creating your event page, you can publish the event. After the event page is published, you can start promoting your event and immediately start selling tickets. Please share your event using email, blog, Twitter or Facebook.


Peatix also helps you get the word out for your group and events through our group/event discovery platform "Peatix Search". The platform allows users to search for and discover new and interesting events on Peatix. 

* For events in Japan, Singapore or Malaysia: It may take 2-3 days for an event to appear on Peatix Search after it has been tagged and published, as Peatix will review your event page. If you have tagged and published your event but it does not show up in the search results, please check again in a few days.

More information about event promotion

3. Attendees buy tickets

After you have published your event, attendees can immediately start buying tickets.

Tickets can be purchased 24 hours a day, using a computer or smartphone. 

After the order is completed, the ticket buyer will receive an order confirmation email, and the buyer can access their ticket in the Peatix app or on the Peatix website. 

How to order a ticket (ticket buyer help page)

4. Manage your attendees

From your organizers account, you will be able to monitor the ticket sales in real-time.

The order details are listed in the attendee list, and you will be able to send messages to the ticket buyers or cancel (refund) purchased tickets.

More information about managing attendees and managing ticket sales

5. The event day, check-in attendees

Peatix offers several ways to check-in attendees on the day of the event. Taking the number of attendees and the event location into account, you can choose the check-in method that is best suited for your event.

Check-in options

6. Receive ticket sales payment

Within 5 business days after your event is finished, we will pay you the amount from the tickets sales minus our fees. To ensure a timely payout of your event, please register your payout information before the start of your event.

Payout cannot be made before event end date set on the event page.

You can register your payout information in your account settings. For events in Singapore, the US, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada and Australia, we will pay out the ticket sales to your local bank account. For events in other countries, we will transfer the payout to your PayPal account.

More information about pricing & payouts